The fact of veramyst side effects

Resolving the veramyst side effects

The nasal spray called Veramyst can be used to treat allergy symptoms which can occur during seasonal or all year round. As corticosteroid drug, the medication has the possibilities to cause the veramyst side effects. If you have been hit with side effects after taking the drug should be reported the doctor immediately. It is important for you to know about the side effects of Veramyst. You should talk with your doctor about the side effects before taking the Veramyst nasal spray.

The most common veramyst side effects include nose irritation, nosebleed, runny nose and discomfort around the nose area. Gastrointestinal distress has also been reported by some patients. Most of the distress involved vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain. Some of the patients also complained breathing problem and coughing. Usually the common side effects will only last for a short period and gone away without having to be treated. However, if the side effects still persist, it is recommended that you take the problem to the doctor.

There are also cases of severe veramyst side effects which include wheezing, the throat area become white, vision problem and nose getting injured. The injury of the nose is a sign of serious negative reaction to the nasal spray and this must be attended by a doctor immediately. If any of the severe side effects occur to you, it is recommended that you stop using the Veramyst and go to the doctor quickly. Some patients also show signs of allergy reaction to the Veramyst medication which need to be quickly resolved. The allergy reaction includes the swelling of the face area, mouth, tongue and airway. You may also have breathing difficulty and heart rate become rapid. Any of the problems must be resolved quickly with the help of professional health providers.

The used of the Veramyst among children must be monitored closely. It is a known fact that the active ingredient called fluticasone in the Veramyst can be a threat to children. There are evident that active ingredient can stunt children growth when using it regularly and not following the recommended dosage. Therefore, it is important for you to ask all the detail that you may need to know about the medication.

The problem of coughing occurs because of the secretion movement into the throat. However, the problem is usually temporary and will go away by itself. Some people also experience headache which can be resolved by doctor if the problem worsen. Some doctor will also stop you from using the Veramyst nasal spray. There is also common problem start to occur when you use the nasal spray such as sore throat. Nose bleed can also be a problem to some people when using the Veramyst. However, you should not be worried with the veramyst side effects because only about 1% of the patients taking the medication have been experiencing side effects. The FDA has certified that the medication is safe to be used and can be easily resolved if quick action is taken.